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In-Home Dementia Care in Ohio

Areas Served:
Cambridge, Millersburg, Newcomerstown, New Philadelphia and the surrounding areas

At 2nd Family of East Central Ohio, our in-home dementia care program is founded on a deep commitment to providing the best possible support and quality of life for our clients and their families. We understand the unique challenges that come with dementia, and we’ve designed our program with a focus on four main pillars:

Specially-trained caregivers: We believe that the foundation of exceptional in-home dementia care in Ohio is our caregivers. We invest to train and equip our team with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the highest level of care. Our caregivers understand the complexities of dementia, enabling them to create a safe and comforting environment for our clients.

Transparent and professional communication: We know that effective communication is key to ensuring our clients’ well-being. Our team maintains open and honest communication with both the client and their family members. We provide regular updates, address concerns, and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the care plan.

Empathetic approach: Dementia can be a bewildering and distressing experience for those affected. We approach our clients with compassion, patience, and empathy. Our caregivers are skilled at connecting on a personal level, helping to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of security.

Emphasis on memory-enhancing activities: We recognize the importance of engaging activities to slow down memory loss. Our program includes tailored activities that stimulate cognitive function and create moments of joy for our clients. Whether it’s art, music, or reminiscence therapy, we cater to individual preferences.

In addition to these pillars, we offer personal care services, such as bathing and grooming, to ensure the comfort and dignity of our Alzheimer’s and dementia clients. We designed our comprehensive approach to enrich the lives of those we care for, giving families peace of mind while improving the overall well-being of our clients. If you’re interested in learning more about in-home dementia care in Ohio, contact us today!

Local Dementia Resources in Ohio

Alzheimer’s Association – East Ohio Chapter


Newcomerstown Senior Center


Ohio Department of Aging – Dementia and Alzheimer’s Resources


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Cambridge, Coshocton, Frazeysburg, Lore City, Massillon, Millersburg, New Concord, New Philadelphia, Newcomerstown, Uhrichsville, Warsaw, Warsaw and Zanesville, Zanesville 

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