The 2nd Family Grandma Guarantee®

The Grandma Guarantee®
A 2nd Family exclusive!

Just like you, we love our parents and grandparents. In fact, we launched 2nd Family as a result of our own experience searching for in-home care for a precious family member – our grandmother.

We quickly understood that the key to getting quality home care was to find caregivers truly dedicated to providing professional care delivered with sincerity, empathy, and patience. It’s important to find caregivers who love their work, communicate well, and effortlessly build strong bonds with others, becoming an extended part of the older person’s family.

That’s why we came up with our exclusive Grandma Guarantee®.

What is the Grandma Guarantee®?

Our Grandma Guarantee® is our unique way of thoroughly vetting all potential 2nd Family caregivers. During the interview process, we ask ourselves if we would trust the applicant to care for our grandmother one-on-one in her home. If the answer is a resounding “YES,” the candidate moves forward in the hiring process. Anything less than that, we pass.

In other words, we promise that we wouldn’t send you a caregiver we wouldn’t trust with our own grandma. We’re committed to keeping that promise.

What this means for your family

Our unique approach has allowed us to build a team of dedicated caregivers you can trust will take wonderful care of your elderly loved one. They’ll bring smiles and sunny dispositions into the home, forging a long-lasting bond built on trust and devotion.

With our Grandma Guarantee®, your elderly loved one will get an in-home care experience unparalleled in our industry. We enjoy making a positive difference in the lives of families and promise to bring our unique caregiving approach to your home when you need us.