FamilyChoice Senior Living Advisors helped a smiling elderly woman using a walker find a senior living facility to meet her needs.

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No-cost senior living placement services tailored to your loved one’s needs

We believe everyone should have access to quality at-home care during their vintage years. However, evolving health issues may require transitioning into a Senior Living Community, where the older person can benefit from quality specialized care 24/7. It’s a hard but sometimes necessary decision for many families.

The situation can become even more overwhelming when trying to determine whether home care or facility is the right fit for your loved one. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know that you’re making the right decision about where your elderly loved one will receive full-time care.

The good news is that you don’t have to go through this process alone. FamilyChoice™ Senior Living Advisors is here to help you identify the right fit for your loved one.


FamilyPlanner™ Evaluation Tool


One of the most daunting aspects of senior care for most families is the decision of where to receive careat home or in a senior care facility. In fact, a common question that we’re often asked is, “How do I know when it’s time to put mom in a facility?” The truth is that it depends on many factors and is a very person-specific decision.

At 2nd Family, we’re developed a tool based on the 6 facets of the aging process – Family Involvement, Activities of Daily Living, Cognitive Condition, Economic Factors, Timing Considerations, and Social Engagement. Our FamilyPlanner tool will take these various conditions into account and provide a FACETS score which will indicate whether home care or facility care seems most appropriate given your loved one’s specific wants and needs.

This tool is completely free, and the results will be provided to you without asking for any of your contact information. After receiving a FACETS score, please feel free to schedule a no-cost call with a senior care advisor who can answer an additional questions you may have.


Our Senior Placement Process

When it’s time to explore senior living community options for an older loved one, 2nd Family Senior Living Advisors can help. We’ll match them with a community perfectly suited to the senior’s care needs, lifestyle, and budget – all at no cost to you. FamilyChoice™ Senior Living Advisors make the complex senior placement process easy by doing all the research for you. We provide access and insights into our extensive network of quality senior living communities, so you’ll have all the information you need to make the most informed choice possible.

Initial discovery meeting

Let’s chat about what’s important to your family. We’ll gather information about where your loved one wants to live, what health services are required, any lifestyle interests, and the person’s vision of senior living.

Review your best-fit senior living options

Our team will exhaustively research the senior care communities in your loved one’s preferred area. We’ll ensure that every recommendation we deliver matches your loved one’s care needs, interests, and budget.

Community tour accompaniment 

We’ll be right by your side during senior community tours, asking the community manager all the right questions and providing you with valuable feedback for a thorough understanding of your options.

Assistance with transition paperwork

Once you’ve selected a community, we’ll help you complete all the necessary paperwork for the smoothest transition process possible. We’re available to answer your questions and concerns right up to move-in day when your loved one’s new journey begins!

Our team understands that your loved one may need placement very quickly, especially upon discharge from a hospital or healthcare facility. We’ll get to work right away for a smooth transition under virtually any tight timeline or unique circumstance. 

Our Senior Living Advisors are here for you – call us first when timely placement is critical.


Senior Living Communities for Every Need

Whether your loved one is looking for a relaxed retirement living option or has specialized health needs that are difficult to manage at home, our Senior Living Advisors will match them with the perfect community.

Independent Living

Resort-style living experience for folks who don’t require daily assistance

Independent Living communities offer healthy meals, fun activities, and unlimited opportunities for socialization. Help with housekeeping, home maintenance, and other services are available to make your experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Senior people playing chess
A senior woman in a wheelchair looking at her caregiver

Assisted Living

The perfect choice when your loved one requires daily support 

These communities provide assistance with bathing, grooming, medication management, and other personal care needs. Nursing staff and a variety of health care services are also available, along with inclusive activities and social opportunities to make and nurture new connections.

Memory Care 

Purpose-built for people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other progressive cognitive conditions

Every aspect of Memory Care is designed for mental stimulation, right down to the décor and place settings. Cognitive therapies help slow the progression of memory impairment to help your loved one thrive and special security features help keep them safe.

A senior man playing with wooden toys for mental stimulation
A caregiver checking blood-pressure to a senior woman

Skilled Nursing

Specialized health care and therapies for complex medical conditions 

On-site medical professionals provide a supportive environment for healing and recuperation from illness, surgery, injury, or severe health episodes. Stays in Skilled Nursing are usually temporary before patients are discharged to their home, respite centers, or Senior Living Community.


No-cost senior placement services with FamilyChoice™ Senior Living Advisors

Put our years of senior placement experience to work for your family. Get in touch with a 2nd Family Senior Living Advisor today for a no-obligation discussion about how we can find the perfect Senior Living community for your elderly loved one.