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2nd Family – Companion Care

Companion care that enhances your loved one’s happiness and quality of life

2nd Family understands that without companion care, loneliness and isolation can negatively impact an older person’s health. We also know that family members can’t always be there to provide comfort and company to older loved ones, which is perfectly understandable.

That’s why 2nd Family provides safe, supportive companion care services to help prevent feelings of loneliness in your older relatives. We tailor our personalized care plans to your loved one’s hobbies, interests, and abilities.

With 2nd Family, your loved one will always feel like a treasured and valued member of your family – and ours.


Companion care on your terms

We take the time to discover what’s essential to your family and what activities your loved one enjoys the most. We’ll then match your special person with the appropriate caregivers to create a synergy that builds strong bonds based on trust. Whether for just a few hours a week or all day every day, our team is here for you when you need us.

The coordinator will be in constant contact with the caregivers and personally visit your home every three months to ensure that our care program is still meeting your needs. She can tweak the schedule, activities, or services to ensure you get the most out of your care experience.

Feel free to bring up any care questions with your RN Care Coordinator, who’s always ready to help!


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Personalized care that stimulates and improves well-being

Personalized care that stimulates and improves well-being. Studies have shown that mentally stimulating activities such as puzzles, board games, or enjoying music can slow down the progression of cognitive impairment conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Our time with your loved one will also help prevent mental health issues from loneliness, such as depression, elevating the overall quality of life.


Getting outdoors for fun and exercise

When weather and mobility permits, our caregivers can accompany your loved one outdoors for some light exercise. We can stop in a local café, visit a favorite shop, or walk in the park for a little fresh air. Our team works with people of all abilities, so no one is ever excluded from enjoying the outdoors.


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Safe transportation and accompaniment

We can also safely accompany your loved one on errands such as grocery shopping, medical appointments, and social events. Our caregivers are fully licensed and insured with well-maintained vehicles. Our top priority is to ensure your loved one gets to every destination and back home again safely.


Create a smooth transition into personal care

If your loved one is resisting the idea of personal care, our companion care services are a great gateway to the additional support required. Our caregivers will help with light housekeeping, meal preparation, hygiene care, and other tasks, creating a smoother transition into additional home care services.


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Our approach to quality care

We’ve tailored 2nd Family care services to make the care experience easier and more enjoyable for our clients and their families. We manage the entire care process for you right from the beginning, so you can worry less about providing care and spend more time creating memories with your elderly loved one. We require 2nd Family caregivers to be among the best in the industry. However, we also focus on retaining people who bring happiness and sunny dispositions to their work every day. We want your loved one to look forward to our visits and enjoy every moment of our home care services.


Get Companion Care that keeps your loved one engaged and happy

With 2nd Family, your loved one will always have a friendly, cheerful companion for happy, joy-filled days and a healthy, enriched well-being. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our safe and reliable Companion Care services!