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Senior Caregivers in Zanesville - Canton

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Cambridge, Millersburg, Newcomerstown, New Philadelphia and the surrounding areas

The Heart of Caregiving: How 2nd Family of East Central Ohio Ensures Excellence with each of our Senior Caregivers in Canton – Zanesville

In the golden years of life, the comfort and safety of your loved one are paramount. At 2nd Family of East Central Ohio, we understand this deeply, and it is reflected in every step of our caregiver hiring and vetting process. The journey of our senior caregivers in Canton, New Philadelphia, Zanesville or the surrounding areas joining our team is not just about checking boxes but about ensuring a perfect blend of skill, compassion, and the unique ability to turn everyday care into an experience filled with warmth and understanding.

The Seed of Trust: Our Vetting Process

Pre-screening for Passion and Purpose

Our journey in selecting the right members for our caregiving team starts with a meticulous pre-screening process. Prospective caregivers are not only evaluated based on their qualifications but also on their reasons for choosing this noble path. Why home health aide? This question unlocks the motivation and commitment lying at the heart of their choice. We also provide a range of client care scenarios, ensuring that potential staff share our same approach to senior care.

The Grandma Guarantee

During the interview, we introduce what we fondly call the “Grandma Guarantee.” This unique approach is our way of ensuring that every caregiver we select is someone we would trust with our own grandmothers. It’s a promise, a commitment, a standard that goes beyond professional qualifications.

Experience that Speaks

Every story and every previous experience of our applicants matter. We look for at least one year of hands-on experience in home health aide roles. This criterion ensures that our caregivers are not just trained but seasoned in the art of care. You will find no better senior caregivers in Zanesville, Canton, New Philadelphia, or anywhere in between.

Building the Foundations: Requirements and Training

Stringent Selection Criteria

Our caregivers are the pillars of trust and care, and we ensure this through rigorous requirements. Every potential team member must have at least a year’s experience in home health aid and must successfully pass a comprehensive background check.

Continuous Growth and Learning

Growth is continuous at 2nd Family. Our caregivers have access to an online education program, encouraging ongoing learning. With a requirement of completing 8 hours of education annually, and opportunities to pursue additional classes, our team is always at the forefront of caregiving skills and knowledge.

The Embodiment of Care: Supervision and Support

Guidance by Expert Hands

Every member of our caregiving team works under the supervision and guidance of a trained RN Care Coordinator. This coordination ensures that the care provided is not just compassionate but also clinically sound and tailored to the unique needs of each client.

A Symbiotic Relationship

The RN Care Coordinator is more than a supervisor; they are mentors, guides, and support systems, ensuring our caregivers have a resource for every question and concern, guaranteeing the highest quality of care for your loved one.

Our Promise to You

At 2nd Family of East Central Ohio, our selection process is not just about hiring; it’s about welcoming new members into our family – a family dedicated to providing your loved one with the best in-home care. Our caregivers are more than just employees; they are the heartbeat of our promise to you and your loved one. In their hands, every moment of care is a moment of comfort, trust, and unwavering support.

Discover the difference with 2nd Family – where every caregiver is a guardian, every moment spent in care is a moment in trust, and every day is a commitment to the well-being of your loved one.

2024 Caregiver of the Year - Brenda Swauger

Brenda Swauger is the 2nd Family Caregiver of the Year for the East Central Ohio location. She exemplifies our caregiving services in many ways as she provides consistent, reliable, and passionate care to our clients. Brenda was in our first orientation class of hired caregivers, and she has always been available to cover open shifts in addition to her regular clients. She is a great communicator about her job and the care needs of our clients.

A family member of one of her clients has this to say about Brenda, “Brenda, my mother’s caregiver from 2nd Family, has enabled us to keep mom in her home for the past 16 months. She is truly a 2nd member of our family. Each day she goes above and beyond in making sure all mom’s needs are met and keeps her laughing.  Mom will go willingly to doctor appointments with our caregiver when she refuses to go with other family members. Mom and her caregiver are great friends and I don’t believe we could ever find someone as caring, competent, and trustworthy.

2nd Family of East Central Ohio is proud to have Brenda as our employee and looks forward to her service to our clients for years to come.

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