10 Helpful Facts About Alzheimer’s

Mar 1, 2023 | Alzheimer’s

Did you know that November is designated as National Alzheimer’s disease awareness month?

Here are 10 facts about Alzheimer’s disease, including its origin and history:

  1. The disease was first observed in 1906 AD by a German doctor named Alois Alzheimer. The condition was noted as different parts of the brain being shrunken in size compared to others. The disease was then named in 1910.
  2. National Alzheimer’s awareness month was designated by Ronald Reagan in 1983.  The catchphrase is “Go purple with a purpose”.
  3. When it was first founded there were less than 2 million people that were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but now there are almost 5.5 million.
  4. Out of all the diseases that can cause death in the U.S. Alzheimer’s disease is listed as the sixth leading cause.
  5. Did you know that women have a higher chance of developing Alzheimer’s? Almost two times more women have it than males and it tends to worsen more in women than in men.
  6. Most people don’t know that Alzheimer’s is actually a form of dementia.
  7. One key way to reduce your odds of developing Alzheimer’s is to keep your brain active and busy. Some ways to do this are to reading as a hobby, complete puzzles, and keep learning.
  8. Having a heart condition can raise the chances of someone developing Alzheimer’s. The heart and the brain work very closely together.
  9. One of the most common early signs can be a change in the senses. One of the main senses that changes is the sense of taste. Researchers aren’t quite sure why this is happening. Some people will want to eat more and some people want to eat less but it is important that the food they do eat are healthy and nutritious for them.
  10. Every year right before November the Alzheimer’s association holds a walk in a fight to end Alzheimer’s. There are walks all over Maryland, Some of the locations include Baltimore, Ellicott City, Frederick, Bowie and Bel Air. There is no cost to register for the walk but each person is asked to make a personal donation instead of a signup fee.

Did any of these facts about Alzheimer’s disease surprise you?

More facts about Alzheimer’s disease: Here are some activities that you can do with your loved ones

Kitchen/Food-Related Activities: An example is making mashed potatoes. Even though the individual may not be able to read the directions or may be able to hold the mixer and whip the potatoes. They may also be able to add the pre-measured ingredients as directed by you. Doing activities like this can help to spark a memory. Maybe they used to help their grandmother in the kitchen when they were younger.

Exercise: Staying active is very important. But exercise does not always have to be a physical thing. You can Exercise your brain.

Memory games: Such as name that song or even the game memory. Really helps to keep the parts of the brain that aren’t affected strong.

Image courtesy of ddpavumba at FreeDigitalPhotos.net