Signs You May Need Senior In-Home Care

Feb 23, 2023 | Home Care Services

Watching our loved one’s age, and seeing the trials that may come with aging, can be very difficult for some families. Here are some signs you may need senior in-home care.

Process of realization

Some families witness loved ones go through the process of aging progressively, and others may witness the process happening more rapidly. Regardless, the process of aging is inevitable- Aging is something that many individuals have to witness and go through at some point in their lives. When this time does occur, there are many different options to take into consideration in how to handle the trials of aging:

Having home care does not mean you’re taking your loved one’s independence or dignity away. It is simply giving them some help with the task that they are no longer able to do on their own. Or if they are able to do some task on their own it can be your piece of mind knowing someone is there for them to keep an eye out and accompany them with tasks if they do need help.  Two of the main signs that your loved one may need home care are:

Memory Problems

Memory loss is one of those things that we hear about when were younger that will happen when we do get older, and that is true. It is one thing to forget to turn off a light or if you switched your laundry, but it becomes an issue when our loved one starts forgetting to turn off the stove or to take their medication. It is one of those things that can either happen slowly or it can hit out of nowhere. At the first signs of memory loss, it is important that you take your loved one to the doctor to make sure it is not something more than just memory loss. It could be a sign of your loved one developing Alzheimer’s or dementia.

When times do get hard it is important to try and keep as much normal as possible that way the things they do remember stay active. A lot of people turn to nursing homes and facilities but in actuality, that can cause memory loss to become worse. The main way to keep the memory that is left strong is to keep a schedule, and one of the main concepts that go along with that is keeping their surroundings the same. If you keep your loved one at home, it can actually help. It may not make the memory problem better but it can help in the correlation to what they do remember since they are in a familiar place they are more likely to remember more.

Inability to perform simple tasks

 Along with memory loss, your loved one may not be able to do all of the things that they used to do. Simple tasks such as vacuuming or doing the laundry can become very tiresome and tedious. Sometimes our loved ones will try to hide the fact that they are no longer able to complete all of the tasks that they were once able to do. That is something that anyone would have a hard time coming in contact with. Sometimes it just takes some time for them to realize that maybe they do actually in fact need help. But when the time does come that they come to the realization, it is important to be there for them and listen to them and offer some help.

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