Paying for Senior In-Home Care

We are often asked about how to pay for home care. The vast majority of home care clients pay for care privately. However, there are some common third-party payment options. Long Term Care Insurance is a popular option to pay for home care. Those with a Long Term Care Insurance policy likely have in-home care coverage available in varying degrees based on the terms of the policy. For veterans who need home care, many of our locations are proud participants in the VA Community Care program. This program will also pay for home care.

Below you will find instructions on how to file a claim with several major Long Term Care Insurance providers. Additionally, if you are a veteran and are interested in learning more about the VA Community Care program, there are links below to that as well.

* NOTE – We are able to work with ANY insurance provider who offers a home care benefit as part of a Long Term Care Insurance policy. If your provider is not listed below, we can still accept your insurance benefits!

Long Term Care Insurance


Access The Claim Center

Claim Fax: 1-952-983-5194

Phone: 1-800-775-1541


Genworth Financial

Claim Instructions

Claim Fax: 1-888-557-5526

Access Claim Forms Here

Access The Online Portal

John Hancock

Access The Claim Portal

Start A Claim

Claim Fax: 617-572-7979 or 800-638-4040 based on claim ID

National Life

National Life Long Term Care Insurance claims are processed by LTCG


Phone: 800-732-8939


Access Online Portal

Phone: 800 – 352 – 6608

Claims Fax: 317-285-5239

Claims Email:


Access Online Portal

Claims Fax: 877-874-6573

VA Benefits

Community Care Program

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Community Care Program Overview

Online Reference Guide